[sdiy] FS or Trade- update

David Holt dave_3283 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 6 14:38:51 CET 2009

What I've got left: 
0 Switchcraft 112AX 
10 Bourns 25k Linear 91a1ab24b17l (4 with pot chiclets already attached) 
20 Bourns 100k Linear 91a1ab24b20l
1 Bourns 100k Linear Cermet 91a1ab28a20 with pot chiclet already attached 
more pot chiclets with nothing attached to them than pots. 

Again, while I'd prefer PCBs, I'm willing to sell jacks for $1 and pots for $3.50.  Think of all those unused boards you're never going to get around to building.  Wouldn't you rather have some nice Bourns pots than that crappy old fixed filter bank board or that Burst Generator you're never going to do anything with? ;-)

Also, if we've already made a deal, your stuff goes out to the post office today.


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