SV: [sdiy] Polyevolver internals

karl dalen dalenkarl at
Tue Dec 29 23:43:51 CET 2009

> Från: Tom Wiltshire <tom at>
> Does anyone happen to know what voice processors are inside
> the DSI Polyevolver/Evolver? Alternatively, are there any
> good internal photos of one of these opened up?

There was one picture of the insides of an evolver
just as DSI had open its doors for bussiness.
Try the way-back machine!

> I've had a hunt about, but I didn't find anything.
> Background: After the recent discussion about the Prophet
> 08 DCO glitch, I'm spending my Christmas holidays messing
> around with DCO designs based on
>  dsPICs, just like Dave Smith did. 

Did we sort out that there was no problem with the DCOs
but just an software issue?

>What's intriguing me is
> what he used for the *digital* oscillators in the
> Polyevolver - are they generated by the same uP? How many
> uPs per voice? Or put another way, how much did DSI manage
> to squeeze out of these chips, and can I hope to do better?

I remember seeing other chips besides dsPics in the Mono evolver,
for non apparent reason the name and size of AD DSP has glued into
my memory! i might fool myself but i think it had something to
do with the long delay lines in the rEvolvers!


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