[sdiy] DoubleDeka (was Henry Walmsley's page)

Ian Fritz ijfritz at comcast.net
Sat Dec 26 17:42:50 CET 2009

At 03:13 PM 12/25/2009, James Elliott wrote:
>......regardless, it sounds completely badass. It's amazing as a mod 
>source, @ LF or audio rates. Take OSC A into a filter and then control the 
>cutoff with OSC B while moving OSC B's sliders. Great job Ian!

Thanks!  Most of the criticism seems to be theoretical.  Folks who have 
built it all seem to like it a lot.  For LFO work do you short out the AC 
coupling caps?  No reason not to, they are there just to center the 
waveform to avoid pops when going through a VCA.


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