[sdiy] DsPIC timer issue when used as DCO!

Dave Manley dlmanley at sonic.net
Thu Dec 17 00:10:16 CET 2009

karl dalen wrote:
> --- Den ons 2009-12-16 skrev Tom Wiltshire <tom at electricdruid.net>:
>> That's an interesting question, Eric.
>> Is the choice of the MC series significant or not? It
>> doesn't allow 32-bit PWM outputs, does it?
> This was my initial approach from the beginning since DSI used
> the MC variant i assumed things to quick i suppose , it seams that
> there are some difference's among the dspic families..
I wonder if the choice of the MC part was for some completely 
non-technical reason - for example, it was cheaply available when DS was 
doing the initial design, or he had some samples, or an eval board, and 
then saw no reason to risk changing to the GP part.

I'm about to join the club of 'hey I have a mopho for sale, i just took 
it out of the box and played with it for a few minutes but its not for 
me (and opened it up and put a scope on some pins...)'



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