[sdiy] That old modular power supply question (again)

Julian julian at port23.co.uk
Tue Dec 15 18:42:07 CET 2009

> I would suggest either option 3 or 4....

Lots of people saying run all from 12v or all from 15v, but im left wondering why?

Effectivly what im saying is that i can run the 15v from one psu and the 12v from another if need be.

This would be akin to using two modulars and patching between them.

Why should i bother going to all the potential stress and trouble of running modules out of spec?  Again, a lot of this system is 
made from commercial modules, for which i dont have the schematics.

What is the advantage of any option?

Again just having 2 power supplies (one for 12v, one for 15v) or just one large 15v psu, and regulating down to 12v on the busses 
themselves seems like so much more simple that i cant understand why there is need to do otherwise?

Thanks, Julian 

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