[sdiy] That old modular power supply question (again)

Matthias.Herrmann at jeppesen.com Matthias.Herrmann at jeppesen.com
Tue Dec 15 14:47:32 CET 2009

what about option 3: running all modules from 15V? or are there any 
modules that can't handle that? just a guess...


synth-diy-bounces at dropmix.xs4all.nl wrote on 12/15/2009 02:31:07 PM:
> Or at least a variation on it...
> I have a (mainly) 12v system, currently running off a power one psu 
> trimmed to 12v.
> I want to add a 15v section.
> I have 2 options -
> To add another power one psu (which i have anyway) trimmed to 15v to
> power the 15v section, using a completely sepperate power 
> distribustion board / supply.
> To change trim the existing power one to 15v and then add regulators
> on each of the 12v distribution boards.
> To me, option 2 seems like a better plan (although more work).
> I can make up the distribution boards, and, id think that regulating
> down locally would give the best isolation between boards?  (im 
> thinking bad doefper LFO modules that bleed onto the power rails)
> I always hear of people running into troubles trying to power a 
> modular with two power supplies also.
> Anyone have any comments?
> Thanks, Julian
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