[sdiy] Building parts in Eagle - continued

Jason Tribbeck Jason.Tribbeck at ascom.com
Mon Dec 14 10:16:51 CET 2009


> ...however, when i paste in the coppied sections, into the right places (ie
> onto the duplicate pads) the guides do not reguster that
> the traces are connecting the pads.

I think it's probably because it's set to have the name of the original line you copied - you need to reset the name (the same way that you go about renaming a resistor, or line in the schematic).

Either that, or you've already done that, and all you need to do is rip-up the relevant sections and then rejoin (although if the pad's on a grid, then the break line command [I think it's called] may also work - I generally have to work off-grid, so it's easier to rip-up/reroute).

> If i were to make the pcb, it would work, but looking at it on the screen
> gets increasingly confusing, and, im sure, any error
> checking (which i havent yet started to use) would fail.

I always do that regularly now - it saves having to rip-up huge sections. My only gripe is that my tolerances for manufacture are better than Eagle's, and occasionally it forgets my custom settings.

> I can see how eagle, once you were over all its irritations, would actually
> turn into a very usefull device, but there are a lot of
> things that dont make it initially easy!

Jason Tribbeck

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