[sdiy] sync circuit woes

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The input resistors to a summer can be any value.  The ratio of the feedback
resistor to each input resistor gives the gain for that input.  Hence, a
summer can do more than simply add multiple inputs; it can weight those
inputs in the sum by multiplying each one by a scaling factor.  Think of it
as a weighted summer.

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I thought that in summer circuits, the feedback resistor HAD to be the
same value as the summing resistors! i thought that was what made
summers work properly. i feel very stupid right now.
Ok, so if i was using 100k, i can maybe try a 47k?
also...in my GUITAR PRE opamp, i am using a non inverting opamp with a
10k to gnd resistor and a 100k feedback resistor for a gain of X10 but
it still isnt really loud enough compared to the other mixer inputs. SO
i was thinking of bringing it up higher BUT i dont want any distortion.
(there is already a dirty switch for that)
so what do you guys think i could get away with before distortion?
maybe 15x? i was thinking of putting in a 150k on the feedback
thanks so much-diy

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