[sdiy] Korg Polysix - now weirdness

Nate Reeves djservs at comcast.net
Thu Nov 20 17:11:00 CET 2008

I think you use the low C and high C to tune it, i cnt remember it  
wasnt fune to tune, i guess it doesnt have an auto tune function?

i like the matrix 6 or 6 trak as they have an auto tune procedure but  
yea you have top connect a tuner to the poly six~!


On Nov 19, 2008, at 7:59 PM, Karl Ekdahl wrote:

> Thanks all for your replies.
> It turns out that the dude who "repaired" the polysix before me  
> managed to install each and every diode in the scanning matrix  
> backwards... ...wow...
> Anyway it's supposeably "working" now but now i'm in tuning-hell. I  
> managed to get all voices to tune up fairly well despite the service  
> manuals pretty crappy description (by "Play C6 and adjust VR11 to  
> 0Cent" they mean 4186hZ - right?) except for one voice that totally  
> refuses. Basically there's no more "turn" on the low-tune pot and i  
> cannot get it to work. Does it seem like my Oscillator #3 (that  
> refuses to tune) is busted somehow to anyone but me?
> Furthermore the service manual doesn't mention VR14 (D#4-E4 ADJ) or  
> VR15 (tune mid). Also, the switch which is talked about on tuning  
> step 1: "Change circuit board slide switch to opposite position  
> (away from VR1)" doesn't seem to change anything, i'm guessing "away  
> from VR1" means the back position, towards the rear. VR1, VR3 and  
> VR15 also makes the pitch "slide" when i turn them, but i'm guessing  
> that's normal. VR14 (D#4-E4 ADJ) doesn't seem to be affecting much  
> of anything.
> Arghhh  three hours just on trying to tune this @!@#$!@ thing...
> Thanks
> Karl
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