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Also- maybe clicks are just part of the fun "problems" of sampling and
looping. Its usually these which give it the lo-fi character and
rhythmic friendliness, esp Akai S612. The "click" gets a bad
reputation from computer techno during the era 1999-2006, sure, and
now it's old, but clicks in hardware, those are "musical sounding"
problems, I think. Leave them in!


On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 3:03 PM, Jim Palmer <jimp at pobox.com> wrote:
> there were some lengthy discussions about this on loopers-delight a few
> years back.  it might be worth checking out the archives...
> note that adjusting to zero-crossings alone will not eliminate clicks,
> even making sure they are rising edges.  this depends on program material.
> maybe it's because a sudden change in frequency content is perceived as
> a click.  this is easily demonstrated by using audio editing software.
> another issue with adjusting the loop length to reach zero-crossings is that
> over time the accumulated timing error results in audible loss of sync
> (if you are playing along with a drum machine for example).
> this may be less important for your usage...
> anyways, the echoplex digital pro uses cross-fade which sounds fine and
> works very nicely...
>> That wouldn't help because then the click would just happen 1 sample
>> later.  What is needed is for a smooth transition of sample level at all
>> times.  For start point a simple fade in is fine, but for looping it's
>> definitely better to do it at zero-crossings.
>> Seb
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