[sdiy] Taking pre-orders for Subtle Chorus PCBs now

JH. jhaible at debitel.net
Wed Nov 19 23:39:17 CET 2008


here comes the order form for the Subtle Chorus PCBs.

As there are several options which boards to use, please follow the 
directions for filling out this order form very closely.

For options, see


Directions for using the order form:

1. Email subject line: I have to see which boards you order in which quantiy 
without opening the mail.

Please write the subject line in the following form, filling in the actual 
numbers for [n]:

"Subtle Chorus order: [n] Main / [n] BBD / [n] Tau"

Example for ordering 5 sets for the emulation of a classic subtle chorus 

Subtle Chorus order: 5 Main / 5 BBD

Example for ordering just 3 BBD boards:

Subtle Chorus order: 3 BBD

Example for ordering one Dim T set (uses two Tau boards instead of BBDs):

Subtle Chorus order: 1 Main / 2 Tau

Example for one Full Dim TD setup:

Subtle Chorus order: 1 Main / 1 BBD / 2 Tau

2. Email Text: Basically you just copy and paste the text given below, fill 
in the quantities of the boards you want (replace [0] with the actual 
number, without the brackets),

fill in your shipping adress and paypal adress at the end, and then send me 
that email.

Shipping adress: Write it *exactly* as you want it to appear on the envelope 
of the package I'm sending you.

Your name, adress, zip code, country - everything that's required for you to 
receive a package from abroad.

(Paypal adress not required for German customers.)

Order Form starts here:


Email subjet line: "Subtle Chorus order: [n] Main / [n] BBD / [n] Tau"


Email text:

I'm ordering

[0] Subtle Chorus Main PCBs for EUR 27.00 per board, plus

[0] Subtle Chorus BBD PCBs for EUR 27.00 per board, plus

[0] Tau PCBs for EUR 27.00 per board, plus

EUR 8.00 for shipping and handling per order.

(No shipping charges if your order contains at least two Tau boards and one 
Main board.)

There may be addional tax and / or customs fees in my country - these will

be paid by me (the buyer), not by the seller.

I'm aware that I'm only buying blank PCBs that may help me building an

electonic module - I'm *not* buying a diy kit, not a "project" - just pieces

of FR4 with copper traces.

I know how to build electronic circuits and I am trained in electrical 
safety matters.

The seller of these PCBs will not be held responsible for any damage that 

from these PCBs, directly or indirectly.

This is a binding pre-order.

There is no guarantee as to when the PCBs will be ready for shipping, but

I only have to pay when the boards are actually available and ready for 

Estimated shipping time: Dec 2008 if we're extremely lucky - Jan 2009 more 

My adress is:

[Full shipping adress, as it will appear on the envelope for sending you the


My paypal adress is:

[your paypal adress]


(Don't forget the email subject line with the number of individual PCBs ! )

Looking forward to hear from you,


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