[sdiy] 2xD / Digital Module .. wavetable mode

m.bareille at free.fr m.bareille at free.fr
Wed Nov 19 19:28:23 CET 2008

Hi :)

> > Well, hopefully not re-doing anything as that would be a bit
> > pointless :)

The Quantix-8 is like the Roquefort cheese : all the 'taste' come from  the big
black/blue dots into this cheese  :)

> If anyone round here is repeating Marc's Quantix work, it's probably
> me. Still, you only really learn by doing, so I don't regret going
> over ground that others have covered before.

My work on the Quantix-8 is also inspired by Grant Richter's and many others
guys ideas too ...  I think that if someone copy an idea/concept it is probably
because it was a good one ...Else there is two idiots who made the same mistake


Marc B.

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