[sdiy] 2xD / Digital Module .. wavetable mode

Seb Francis seb at burnit.co.uk
Wed Nov 19 14:02:21 CET 2008

And the other idea I've been toying with is 'wavetable' mode.

I got the idea from the Doepfer 8-bit sampler module (don't feel too bad 
'stealing' an idea from Doepfer ;)

I'm thinking that the dsPIC would be pre-loaded with the wavetable and 
in this mode it would act like a DCO, with CV control to step through 
the wavelets.

My main question at the moment is where could I get a nice 16-bit 
wavetable from?  Preferably copyright free, or at least from somewhere 
that's not likely to get me sued!

The dsPIC has space for over a second of full quality digital audio, so 
a reasonably big wavetable is possible....


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