[sdiy] Digital oscillator problem

paul.maddox.mail-list at synth.net paul.maddox.mail-list at synth.net
Tue Nov 18 22:21:58 CET 2008


>> I've thought about trying to apply some digital filtering to the CV
>> inputs, but I'm not sure how that would work. The ADC is running
>> using a DMA channel in the background, so I don't know exactly how
>> often it samples. My oscillators are producing samples at 50KHz.

I had some ADC sampling running on an interupt timer for something I'm
tinkering with, and like you I wasn't sure of how often. I found that I
was sampling quicker than the ADC's were settling (or VERY close to the
settling time required).
A quick change in timing and the ADC inputs cleaned up lovely.


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