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Tue Nov 18 11:38:00 CET 2008

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mike ruberto wrote:
> The Casio FZ-1 allowed the user to set the loop point with the data 
> slider which was quite an interesting thing to do when the sample was 
> being triggered by a sequencer. Perhaps you can use CV inputs for the 
> loop start and end points.

>>You mean instead of looping the whole sample between the playback start 
>>and end points, have a separate definably loop start and end?

A variation on this that makes for great rhythmic effects is to have the sampler in 'one-shot' mode with a playback start point that is definable by CV (or whatever) and the playback length (i.e. the amount of the sample that is played back) set to musical note lengths based on your sequencer tempo.

That way a note on message every eighth note could trigger playback of a section of the sample that lasted a sixteenth note and the playback start point could be cycled back and forth using a sine/triangle, sample and hold, etc.


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