[sdiy] Nice and Cheap Little Tool Sets at Home Depot

Ken Elhardt ken.elhardt at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 07:12:34 CET 2008

Just in case anybody's interested, I walked into Home Depot a week ago
for the first time in many months.  There was a huge selection of
amazing inexpensive tool sets of all kinds, almost like below those
huge warehouse type store's prices.  You might want to check it out.
I picked up a number of $5 Husky tool sets that come come with their
own cases.  For example, they have a nice 36 piece precision screw
driver set, which has small removable screwdriver bits about the size
of jeweler's screwdrivers but with a nice big rubbery handle so you
can get the torch you normally can't with jeweler's screwdrivers.
They have a $10 hobby knife set (like X-acto knives), about 36 pieces
with blades of every type.  I ended up buying some stuff I didn't
really even need just because it was so cheap.


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