[sdiy] Group buys: Alpha-style, dual pots, and Joysticks (WAS: RE: Dual-gang reverse-log pot group buy ?)

David G Dixon dixon at interchange.ubc.ca
Tue Nov 18 05:32:37 CET 2008

If these "Song_Huei" pots are the same cheap Chinese crap I bought at my
local mom-and-pop shop, then I'd say: "Avoid them like the plague!"  Every
other one barely works, while the Alpha pots ALWAYS work.  I'm waiting to
buy a whole bunch of Alpha pots, after which I'm going to throw all of the
cheap Chinese ones I bought in the garbage.

Dave Dixon
Vancouver, BC

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On 2008-11-17 06:23 -0800, flightofharmony wrote:

> And, I've actually found much better pricing:
> Song-Huei quoted $0.16 each for 1000. They sent me some samples
> too, very nice! Identical to Alpha, except their washers are a
> much tighter tolerance so they pretty much stay centered without
> having to hold them while tightening the nuts.
> Even better, G&H quoted me $0.099 each at 1000 MOQ! Harvestman
> told me about them and let me check out a sample - I didn't
> think to check the washers, but they are also just like the
> Alphas in feel and build. They also carry those Illuminated
> caseless slide-pots I was hunting.

Are you really going for those non-Alphas ? The Alphas are a known
quantity, the Song-Huei and G&H aren't. They could look and feel
identical initially but not *be* identical.

22 cents is cheap enough for me. I think I'd rather pay that much
for reliable pots than take a gamble to save 12 cents per pot.

> I've been drumming up interest in these on Muffwiggler and we're
> off to a good start. The plan is to make the purchase in
> January.


André Majorel <URL:http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/>
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