[sdiy] keeping signals seperate..avoiding noise

Paul Higgins higg0008 at tc.umn.edu
Mon Nov 17 17:46:12 CET 2008

Hi, Harry:

Where do you get these nylon washers?  I've been looking for these for quite a 

I agree about the nylon threaded jacks.  The only ones I've found that seemed 
to hold up were made by Re-An (looks like they're now part of Neutrik).


On Monday 17 November 2008 08:38:37 am harrybissell at wowway.com wrote:
> For 1/4" jacks I use nylon shoulder washers to insulate
> the metal shell from the panel, then wire grounds to the
> jacks (NOT the panel). Its very quiet that way, the panel
> is electrically isolated.
> Switchcraft (and probably others) makes jacks that have nylon
> threads, but they are mechanically very weak and prone to
> break imho...
> H^) harry

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