[sdiy] Sampler mode...

Seb Francis seb at burnit.co.uk
Mon Nov 17 15:37:45 CET 2008

mike ruberto wrote:
> The Casio FZ-1 allowed the user to set the loop point with the data 
> slider which was quite an interesting thing to do when the sample was 
> being triggered by a sequencer. Perhaps you can use CV inputs for the 
> loop start and end points.

You mean instead of looping the whole sample between the playback start 
and end points, have a separate definably loop start and end?

I guess it's also going to need some kind of amplitude envelope with 
release, otherwise it would be pointless having a loop end point as well 
as a playback end point.  An AR envelope is probably a good thing to 
have with a couple more CVs to control it...

> The FZ-1 was also the only sampler I know of that allowed up to 8 
> separate loops per sample. If it is at all possible perhaps you can 
> consider adding that too...

Not sure how useful that would be in a CV based sampler - sounds like a 
feature that would be better with proper editing interface with waveform 
display, etc.  Also, I'm not actually sure how useful that would be in a 
'performance' situation.  And if not in a performance situation then one 
is probably not going to be using a CV based sampler.

The sampler I use (Native Instruments Kontakt 3) allows up to 8 sample 
loops.  Can't say I've ever used more than 1!


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