[sdiy] Touch Pad controller

Heitor Alves theatomlabspt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 00:01:24 CET 2008

Hi gang

Sorry to restart this topic, but i've got here a dead kaoss pad (1st 
version). The problem with it is the programs not changing and no lights 
blinking. I've talked to some persons (tech repairs) that told me it was not 
worth to send it to korg to fix (i have a KP3 also). I've taken the pad 
sensor, its a simple glass with 4 traces of some kind of "sensor". Nothing 
inside the glass. My guess is that is a sensor that detects the distance 
between 2 points. Each side of the rectangle has one (x,y). i've tryed to 
measure the resistence between them but no luck. Any ideas about this? Is 
this a good thing to use for a pad controler?

thanks in advance


p.s. i do have another email in this list, but i cant send emails with it :| 

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