[sdiy] Yusynth Transistor filter

Simon Brouwer simon.oo.o at xs4all.nl
Sun Nov 16 15:00:30 CET 2008

Oakley Sound schreef:
> > And You both scroll down a little bit.. a little more.. and now You're
> at the end of the page: Voila! ;)
> Yes, I know its there. However, I think he's got it the wrong way 
> around. You cannot make a reverse log variable resistor with a fixed 
> resistor and linear pot. But you can make a log variable resistor.
You can't either.
The difference between a reverse log and a log pot is not the resistance
curve, but the turning direction to get it.
In both cases the resistance in the middle setting should be
considerably lower than half the maximum resistance. With a fixed
resistor and linear pot the resistance in the middle is always *higher*
than half the maximum resistance (the curve bends up instead of down
like it should). You might think that it should be lower as you have
added a parallel resistor, but then you are forgetting that you have to
use a higher resistance of the linear pot to get to the same maximum
resistance of the combination.

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