[sdiy] Yusynth Transistor filter

Simon Brouwer simon.oo.o at xs4all.nl
Sun Nov 16 12:22:57 CET 2008

Paul Perry schreef:
> Hmmm.... admittedly, the geofex article does only cover the volume control
> case.
> But, intuitively, I would think that putting a resistor from wiper to one
> end, and choosing values carefully, will move you closer to anti log
> happiness.
Not very close...

What you would want is that the parallel resistor has the most effect 
when the pot is still at a low resistance (turning anticlockwise an 
antilog pot should slowly increase the resistance at first, then 
increase the resistance more quickly) but that is not what you get with 
this combination.

For example, a 100k antilog pot would give you something like 10 k 
turned halfway, picking up speed and reaching 100k at the end. In 
contrast, with e.g. linear pot of 200k and a parallel resistor of 200k 
the parallel resistor will only have significant effect towards the end. 
It will be 100k at full left setting as well, but it will actually be 
*more* than half of 100k at halfway setting (66k) instead of much less.

Vriendelijke groet, 
Simon Brouwer. 

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