[sdiy] Screwed Up LCD Pic? - And East Coast Environment Destroys Gear

Ken Elhardt ken.elhardt at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 04:10:07 CET 2008

As for the LCD, I'll try to get that part opened up and try to see if
it can be dried out.  To address a few other responses:

My move to NC was 11 years ago, so it's not a sudden change in
temperature.  It's the act of letting stuff sit around for long
periods of time unused which seems to be destroying it.  I don't know
what's happening to disk drive heads.  I'm going to have to open those
up and see.

And no, my stuff was not in a luggage compartment.  Just sitting in a
room of my house.

To Scott Nordlund about his get out of the 80's comments.  Multimeters
are just as relevant now as in the 80's, and they use LCD displays
too, including my Fluke meter.  No point in buying a new one every
decade.  As for Apple II computer gear, the fact that I haven't used
one in 8 years means I'm not really relying on that stuff much, but as
far as I know there is no modern replacement for an IC tester card,
and to just keep re-buying stuff that I already own gets expensive and
wasteful, not to mention most can't be easily user programmed these
days (ie. data acquisition board).  Computers were interesting and
creative devices back then and they actually worked!  Now they're
nothing but household appliances for 12 year old girls to use for
Myspace, so it's usually impossible to get technical/science oriented
stuff for them anymore.  And my harpsichord didn't self-destruct, just
that all the keys stick.  Perhaps wood absorbing humidity has caused
it to swell or something.


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