[sdiy] Yusynth Transistor filter

Oakley Sound oakleylist at btinternet.com
Sat Nov 15 20:21:40 CET 2008

 > I'm building a Yusynth Transistor filter at the moment and i can't 
find anyone who sells a 50k Rev Log pot in the UK.

To get you going, try wiring a standard 10K linear pot in there. Wire 
one end of the pot to J4a like you would with the 50k rev log pot, but 
then wire the other pot pin to ground - yes, I said ground. Then connect 
the wiper of the pot to J4b via a 22uF capacitor, positive side to J4b.

This worked very nicely when I tried it. And the basic idea worked very 
well in a 904 module too when we needed a quick fix - and as far as I 
know its still in there as the owner couldn't tell it apart from his 
other more original 904.

As for 50kC pots I generally buy the CTS ones from Banzai or New Sensor.




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