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Sat Nov 15 18:30:04 CET 2008

i'd like to go there for some of my personal projects, espeically things where there's a ton of pcb-panel wiring.

the downside is that it locks you in to certain component selections (pots and switches w/ specific footprints) and panel layouts.  especially in the sdiy community, where folks are working in specific formats and/or have varying design preferences.  

i would love to see a simple sequencer project with a "brain" board going to a dual-inline header, and then a selection of front panels PCBs (holding pots/ switches/ leds/ jacks) supporting different layouts.  the orignal milton had the separate board part going, i thot it worked well.


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>i would love to get some advice someday about how
>to make these projects completely board mounted!
>if i could figure out the footprints and part
>numbers for pots and switches i would go toward
>board mounted everything in a second.
>mark verbos was kind enough to explain to me how
>well designed systems often have a board behind a
>panel which holds all the pots and switches, and
>then this connects to the main pcb through some
>kind of connector. 
>i am in awe of such designs and would love to
>implement them (using much smaller steps foward in
>the future ;)
>on my next project to avoid so many wires.
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