[sdiy] Screwed Up LCD Pic? - And East Coast Environment Destroys Gear

ASSI Stromeko at nexgo.de
Sat Nov 15 18:08:11 CET 2008

On Freitag 14 November 2008, Ken Elhardt wrote:
> Below is a picture of another one of those problems I'd like an
> explanation for.  I bought this expensive West German multimeter
> about 25+ years ago and it's been fine all that time until about a
> year ago, when I go down to my family room to grab it to measure
> something and the LCD display is totally screwed up.  I don't get
> it.  What causes this?  Is it fixable or does it need to be
> replaced to fix it?

This looks like the polarization foil has come loose or humidity 
condensing on the reflector of the LCD, this can likely be fixed when 
you can get at the LCD itself.  If you do have condensing humidity, 
it would nicely explain a lot if not all of the other failures you 
mention.  Also, since it seems that your new place is a lot more 
humid than where you lived before, I'd check all gear for salt and 
acid residues on the surface (that's very common to build up on old 
gear in some places).  Needless to say that such residues would be 
disastrous if mixed with high humidity levels.

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