[sdiy] Screwed Up LCD Pic? - And East Coast Environment Destroys Gear

Csaba Zvekan czvekan at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 09:27:10 CET 2008


I think it's the fast change from low humidity  Southern California to  
the humid North Carolina. It is a big change for all your gear you can  
expect more damage . I have read somewhere that you should let sit  
your gear (vintage stuff especially)  for a few month before turning  
them back on.
This let's capacitors slowly adjust to the new humidity levels.

On Nov 14, 2008, at 9:23 PM, Ken Elhardt wrote:

> After moving from Southern California to North Carolina, I've had a
> number of strange things happen to various pieces of gear.  Just a few
> days ago I discovered my biggest loss: Two Franklin Ace 1000 (Apple II
> compatible) computers ruined because every single key on both of them
> went bad.  Four Apple II compatible floppy drives tried with two
> different controller cards and not a single one would boot up from a
> number of different disks.  S-50 sampler disk drive goes flakey with
> disk errors when it hasn't even been used (afraid to try my Atari St
> drives), finish on piano module ruined by some kind of mold, almost
> all the keys on my harpsichord don't pop up after being pushed down,
> camcorder problems, laser printer, and so on.  You don't use something
> so preserve it, and instead it stops working while just sitting there.
> What a hole this place is for modern living.
> Below is a picture of another one of those problems I'd like an
> explanation for.  I bought this expensive West German multimeter about
> 25+ years ago and it's been fine all that time until about a year ago,
> when I go down to my family room to grab it to measure something and
> the LCD display is totally screwed up.  I don't get it.  What causes
> this?  Is it fixable or does it need to be replaced to fix it?
> http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p122/Elhardt/Misc/Multimeter.jpg
> -Elhardt
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