Unique control voltage sources was RE: [sdiy] Touch Pad controller

Ken Elhardt ken.elhardt at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 23:21:04 CET 2008

There's breath controller and D-Beam (or Paul Perrey's Spacebeam).  It
seemed that Alesis also had something like the D-Beam and sensed more
than one degree of movement.

I'm considering building and marketing the controller I came up with
which would be something like the mockup I did in the picture below.
The real one would be shaped kind of like a big computer mouse with 4
levers for your 4 fingers and probably a button on each side for your
thumb.  A whole bunch of different things could be controlled at the
same time with it.  And now that Doepfer came out with a tiny little
MIDI board that takes CV voltages and can convert them to MIDI, I
could easily have a MIDI version too with hardly any extra effort.



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