[sdiy] tr808 start/stop trigger switch

Ken Elhardt ken.elhardt at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 01:38:09 CET 2008

Since I had to start up my soldering iron for something else, I
managed after some effort to extract the Stop/Play switch from my
ripped apart Roland CSQ-100 sequencer.  It's the same kind of switch
as the TR-808 play button externally, and so I assume it's the same
kind internally in how it attaches to the PCB.  It sounds like you're
in the UK since you said "20 pounds".  Unfortunately I'm in the US,
and having just sent a single key to somebody in the UK, just the
mailing alone would be about $5, plus if I charge say $4 for the
switch (you'll also get the top cap whether you need it or not) for my
effort to remove it, pack it and mail it, that would be $9 paypal
total for the switch from me if you don't find another alternative.
Just something to keep in mind.


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