[sdiy] SMD part availability, manufacture

Seb Francis seb at burnit.co.uk
Thu Nov 13 01:31:09 CET 2008


Thanks for all the replies on this.

Regarding resistors: I'm aware that the values I need are all within the 
standard E96 series and so are definitely manufactured.  But I still 
haven't been able to find anywhere actually stocking them.  I tried 715R 
as an example and couldn't find any from either Farnell or Rapid.  Still 
maybe like John said it's not going to make much difference using the 
nearest values from the E24 series .. something to  try on the breadboard.

For the power supply regulators, I've been looking at low dropout ICs 
and these seem pretty cool.  Am I really understanding it right that 
they can work with a output-input of down to like 0.2V.  This would mean 
only a tiny amount of heat dissipation so no need for any heatsinking.  
Are there any disadvantages to these compared to standard linear 
regulators which need typically 2.5V output-input differential?

And good that SMD headers are easily available, although I feel a bit 
wary of using them for connections that might get plugged and unplugged 
a lot.  Since I'm sure many people would be happy wiring all panel 
controls, inputs, etc. direct to the board, perhaps I don't need to 
bother with headers.  Can just have 0.1" pitch holes and leave it up to 
people what they do with them.

The polypropylene capacitor thing seems to be solved .. I read the CODEC 
datasheet again and it's specifying C0G dieletric which seems easily 
available in SMD even in the biggest 6.8nF.  It was because I wanted to 
used thru-hole before that I ended up with polypropylene (which do look 
nice and colourful!)


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