[sdiy] Yamaha analog and step sequencer

Pete Swarbrick peter.swarbrick at panavision.co.uk
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Hi list

Speaking of 50k reverse log taper pots does anyone have one or two for
sale or trade? I've had a few on back-order with Banzai for weeks but I
really need one now to finish a synth that my buddy is hoping to use at
a gig in two weeks!. No need to  explain what function it's for.....
Please let me know if anyone has any available

Best regards


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> So, if I have an old Yamaha analog synth, like the CS-5, which have 
> Hz/oct keyboard CV, and positive Volt-triggers, which old step
> can be used with this synth?
basically any potentiometer based sequencer that provides the positive 

To my minor knowledge: If you want to modify an existing V/Oct-Sequencer

for the CS5, then use negativ logarithmic potentiometers instead of the 
linear potentiometers (they are usually named as <value>kC like 50kC) - 
but I may be wrong.

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