[sdiy] dsPIC33 question..

Csaba Zvekan czvekan at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 20:12:25 CET 2008

Sweet board  ! Nice work Eric.

I was wondering if you had already done some work with the DCI  
peripherals yet ? Did you hook up some codecs ?
Or is that just for future use ?
Do you have some spare boards for sale ?


On Nov 12, 2008, at 6:09 PM, Eric Brombaugh wrote:

> Seb Francis wrote:
>> I'm just starting to look at designing a new digital delay /  
>> flanger (like my 4xD, but this one will be a 2xD with just 2  
>> channels).
>> Without going to 100 pin packages, this narrows it down to either a  
>> dsPIC33FJ64GP708 or dsPIC33FJ128GP708.
> I've been hacking on a little dsPIC33FJ128GP708 board:
> http://members.cox.net/ebrombaugh1/synth/dsPICfun/index.html
> Only partially completed now, but starting to work. These are nice  
> parts with a good complement of I/O. I've been testing out using the  
> MCHP C compiler with it and it works nicely.
> Eric
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