[sdiy] Re: paia fatman

John Blacet blacet at blacet.com
Wed Nov 12 17:42:41 CET 2008

---I had one years ago. It is good for beggining kit builders (if you
don't freak out at all the flying front panel wires.) The MIDI-CV is only
8 bit so not very good for experienced ears.

It's too bad that there is not something better to replace it . OTOH, a
good modular is so much better and more versatile that you might want to
just go ahead with quality gear.

I'm hoping to have a basic MIDI-CV module out in a few weeks. It will be
12 bit, so quite useful. 1.5" wide module and inexpensive.

> lief codianni wrote:
>> I think the Paia Fatman should not be overlooked. It is important to
>> remember that this is a noob we are talking about here.
> another downside to the fatman is that it's V/Hz; most modular stuff is
> V/Oct.
> On the plus side, Scott Gravenhorst came up with mods galore for it.
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