[sdiy] dsPIC33 question..

Simon Brouwer simon.oo.o at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 12 09:45:23 CET 2008

Seb Francis schreef:


> I'm also wondering about soldering, as before I used 0.8mm pitch parts,
> and now everything is down to 0.5mm pitch.  But I'm guessing this will
> be manageable as I think the CODEC ICs I used before were 0.65mm and
> these weren't too bad to solder.  Actually I even wondering if the 0.4mm
> parts are doable - anyone have experience soldering this kind of stuff
> with a normal soldering iron?

Yes, applying flux, soldering liberally, applying more flux, and removing
the excess solder using solder wick.

So far I have only done this using non-RoHS solder though. Anyone have
experience doing this with RoHS compatible solder?

Vriendelijke groet,

Simon Brouwer
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