[sdiy] Looking to put together Blacet modular synth, where to start?

Seb Francis seb at burnit.co.uk
Tue Nov 11 21:44:34 CET 2008

David Ingebretsen wrote:
> You need 3 or 4 basic modules:
> VCO- you need to make a sound
> VFC- you need to modify, texture, the sound
> Envelope Generator- you need to sweep/control the sound (2 are nice if you
> can. One for the filter and one for the VCA)
> VCA- you need to control the amplitude
> With these four, you can have a basic voice.
> I swear I read on Wendy Carlos' site that odd numbers of oscillators mixed
> together sound best with 5 being an optimum number, but I can't find it
> anymore. But assuming my memory still kind of works, your next step would be
> to add two more VCO's and a mixer.
> Then, in the future, you can add other sound sources and signal modifiers,
> like filters, phase shifters, "wave multipliers", chorus, etc.

Surprised no-one's mentioned distortion.  I like to insert it before the 
VCA to help keep the noise floor at bay.  Can turn a 1 VCO patch into 
massive fat sound, and levels filter resonance nicely.

The patch I used for an electro house tune I did recently was:
MOTM VCO Saw wave ->
MOTM 440 VCF (lovely sounding filter this) ->
Box-O-Trix 'Tube 4069' (http://burnit.co.uk/sdiy/index.php?page=boxotrix) ->

With plenty of portamento and pitch bend nonsense from the Fat 
Controller MIDI->CV

Simply patch, but very effective.  Here's a little audio snippet:


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