[sdiy] good modular kit for a noob?

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I think the Paia Fatman should not be overlooked. It is important to remember that this is a noob we are talking about here. The Blacet, MFOS, CGS etc stuff is really great, but even if the kits are had from brideschamber or what have you, you still have the problem of building up everything else you need. ie. case power supply midi-cv etc. Lets not forget the front panel.  
Going with the fatman you get all the pieces including the panel and case in one package. As pointed out the directions are quite good. And although the finished product is no MOTM to be sure, a noob could feel very satisfied with the results of having some thing that actually works and is complete when its over. I believe Paia will fix it when it gets broken also. 
I think the fatman is a great entry choice price wise and feature wise. The manual will give some instruction on how to use it and what the parts do, which is also good for a noob. After its built, if more SDIY spirit is to be had, said noob could head over to Scott's wonderful Fatman site and bring the fatman to the next level. 

I am cetainly not knocking any of the other companies and peoples, there are tons of awsome products to be had, but the fatman is cheap and complete and gets you going with a lesson to boot.

I am surprised noone else has mentioned the fatman. 

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The CGS boards are very well done, with component values rather than part numbers, as well as other documentation, printed directly on them. Very easy to assemble, once you have sourced the parts. And a very big selection of useful modules. I was pleasantly surprised that the shipping went very quickly (based on previous experience of the mail system between Germany and Australia), and I had my boards in approximately one week.


David Ingebretsen wrote:

> Here are some good links for "kits"
> http://www.bridechamber.com/bridechamber.com/Home.html
> http://www.cgs.synth.net/modules/
> http://home.debitel.net/user/jhaible/hj.html
> http://www.magsmoke.com/magsmoke.asp
> http://www.musicfromouterspace.com/

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