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Tue Nov 11 18:39:34 CET 2008

an enthusiastic plus one for Blacet.  I honestly don't see a significant difference in the quality of the documentation between them and PAIA.  and all that Sam said is true regarding the quality of the finished product.

the other "safety net" is the high resale value of Blacet modules.  I never see used finished modules going for less than the kit price, so if you get into it and then decide the modular route is not for you, you can recoup your investment... not much chance of that, in my experience, but i'm just saying.


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>--It's all true but the $25 "safety net" has gone
>up to $29. That does
>include domestic return shipping though.
>Also, shipping is typically very fast. Order today
>and be building next week!
>> Hi Jason,
>> I've built the Paia 9700 and many of the Blacet
>kits. I'd say that the
>> Paia is an excellent first modular project if you
>don't have a lot of
>> experience soldering or identifying parts. The
>major downside is that
>> it doesn't work very well when you get it all
>together. It's not a
>> high quality machine. The VCOs are highly
>unstable and barely track,
>> the filter self oscillates with the most piercing
>feedback you've ever
>> heard (not in a good way) and doesn't do much in
>the way of filtering,
>> and there are so damn many functions crammed into
>the VCA that it's
>> all but unusable. On the upside, the EGs are
>quite good and very
>> useful (about all I use mine for these days!)
>They EGs can also loop
>> so that you can use them as pseudo LFOs. The Paia
>manuals are *super*
>> well written. They assume you've never soldered
>before in your life.
>> On the flipside, the blacet modules are more
>expensive, but they are a
>> steal for the quality you get. The manuals are
>clear, ......
>John Blacet
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