[sdiy] PCB Copper Area Add-on

Jason Tribbeck Jason.Tribbeck at ascom.com
Thu Nov 6 09:34:18 CET 2008


> my new PCB design program has the facility to add/fill in copper areas
> the free space of the PCB (to save on etcing/production costs. As I do
> do my own etcing would you still recommend that I should use this
> and if the answer is yes, is it advisable to connect it to Ground?

I'm writing my own PCB program too - not got very far with it though
(it's mainly an exercise in moving from C/C++ to Objective-C).

I always try to maximise the copper area on my home etched boards -
etchant isn't free :) Plus it etches quicker (or certainly seems to).
And I connect it to ground (but on one board, half of it is power, as
there's no ground lines in the area).

The only downside is that you get more tinning area, so you use up more
of that (although I've only just started to tin my boards).
Jason Tribbeck

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