[sdiy] Synthi joystick pots

Louis van Dompselaar louis at dompselaar.org
Thu Nov 6 08:15:01 CET 2008

> It's tricky, but you can modify most any pot to work. Open up the pot and
> determine the start and end points of the joystick travel, then jumper from
> the outer terminals to those end points.

That won't be necessary for the Synthi pots, as they use ordinary 300 degree
pots.  They just operate on a tiny portion of the track (which can clearly
be seen from the wear on the pot as well).  Fed with +/-12V it produces +/-2V.

So in fact I'm probably just looking for a quality pot with M9 bushing and
6.35mm shaft.  Bushing needs to be exactly the right height and width as it
needs to fit into the side of the joystick.  Shaft can probably be any length as
it can be cut down if needed.  As it's just a voltage divider, the value
probably doesn't matter that much either, as long as it's lin.

I'll look into the Bourns ones if I can find them anywhere locally.  I always
understood though that conductive plastic was great for precision, but less
so for durability.

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