[sdiy] Synthi joystick pots

flightofharmony flight at flightofharmony.com
Wed Nov 5 22:33:00 CET 2008

It's tricky, but you can modify most any pot to work. Open up the pot and
determine the start and end points of the joystick travel, then jumper from
the outer terminals to those end points. Leave a little bit of room so the
wiper doesn't bump against the connection though. I don't know if (probably
not) you can solder directly to the resistive element, but you can (very
carefully) use the tiny PCB eyelets to rivet the jumper in place. Not the
fastest, but it works for prototypes and one-offs.

flight at flightofharmony.com

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-> > Does anyone know of a source of Synthi joystick pots (or equivalents)?
-> > I mean the 5k lin ones that are in the joystick itself.
-> I replaced a set with Bourns conductive plastic pots.  The shafts were
-> long enough and they feel pretty good.
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