[sdiy] wiring is hard!! advice?

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Having quite a few colours of wire is very helpful.  Because you want to try and pull all the wires into a single bundle if you can as they leave the big board.  Cut your wire with plenty of length so that every connection on the big board can go to that common point (close to one corner of the board is best), be grabbed in a tie of some kind, and then go off to the panel.  Like a kind of stiff pony tail.  That way you can 'hinge' the board and panel at that point and bend or twist them this way and that to get at things without having to desolder (or break) any wires.  If you have to desolder things to fix faults you will get very frustrated because fixing one fault will cause you to introduce another fault elsewhere.

Take your time and keep your brain switched on.  Panel wiring is tedious, but very easy to get wrong.  I think I get up to 10% of my connections wrong on the first attempt and with my students I think its more like 30%.  And we do our panels in much smaller modular chunks than what you are doing.


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> first, i wire all the common connections (ground, +/-v)
> between components on the panel--for wiring between
> componets (that therefore will never flex) i use solid wire,
> usually 24 or 26ga.  
> then i figure out what i have better access to with
> boards/panels all mounted: the PCB or the panel.  then, with
> the panel detached, i add the wires to whichever (panel or
> board) is less accessible.  then i mechanically attach pcb
> and panel and start wiring, generally starting with the
> shortest wires.  i use very small gauge stranded wire, 26 or
> 28... if its pre-tinned, it seems to hold it's shape
> better when you try to route it.  i try to bundle wires
> logicially into subsections based on proximity, and sort of
> color-coded: black for grounds, red for outputs etc. 
> i'll often use ribbon cable, especially for pots and
> switches, splitting off bundles of 2 or 3 lines leading to a
> single control. and it try to route wires so they follow
> along the panel/pcb plane (rather than just flying thru the
> air), and tie them in place temporarily as i go.  even after
> it's tested, i'll use twisty-ties to tidy things up
> rather than wire harnesses, which make it harder to do
> maintenance.
> good luck
> b
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> >take a look at this:
> >
> >http://www.flickr.com/photos/13918667@N02/300594441
> >4/
> >
> >3 small pcbs (home etched) and one big (asm2) board
> >plus a PSU.
> >
> >i am having some trouble figuring out how to mount
> >everything properly AND get the wires set up in a
> >somewhat nice way. is there an easy way to do it?
> >should i put the big board in first and THEN the
> >little boards? could i mount the little boards to
> >the sides and the asm to the bottom?
> >
> >any advice?
> >
> >What do YOU think is the best way to do it? connect
> >the wires on the boards FIRST and then (and only
> >then) connect them to the pots and switches
> >
> >OR do you think you should put all the boards in
> >the box first and THEN do the wiring?
> >
> >It's easy to get everything wired until i try to
> >put it all in the box
> >
> >and i cant test a damn thing until the wiring is
> >done. and then if something doesnt work right, well
> >i guess i will have to pull the boards out.
> >
> >
> >anyway.....i've got till monday to finish! you guys
> >have all been so helpful
> >
> >thanks
> >
> >
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