[sdiy] wiring is hard!! advice?

Pete 23isgood at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 19:53:13 CET 2008

Oh yikes! What I would do is buy a large spool of wire. One that will
not run out on you while wiring, and a color you like. Next put down
the large PCB in the area that's close to the panel, and mark the case
by drawing a line around the PCB onto the case. This will give you a
reference point. Do not attach the PCB to the case yet. Next measure a
decent length of wire from the PCB to the panel. Make sure it is
longer than you need it to be, and make sure that it reaches every
corner of your panel (from the PCB to the panel). Once you have
figured out a good length figure out how many wires you need. If you
need a hundred than cut a hundred wires of the same length. Strip the
ends and tin them. The key here is to cut the wires longer than they
need to be. Longer is always better than shorter. Connect all the
wires to the PCB first then when that's done you can attach the PCB to
the case. After the PCB's are attached you can begin connecting the
wires to the panel. When you are done wiring everything up, you will
be able to neatly tie all those wires together in a bundle. You may
have to have a few bundles to keep it neat. Good luck, that's going to
take you a LONG time.



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