[sdiy] Can Old Yellowing Panel Text Be Whitened?

Ken Elhardt ken.elhardt at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 17:09:58 CET 2008

No, it won't have been designed that way.  They must have made the
left and right panels at different times using a different process.
The back Moog logo on my Multimoog is also a very dark brownish yellow
color.  Parts of my right panel are less yellow if they were hidden
behind something, for instance, the rectangular boarders around the
switches are more yellow in the front where they're exposed to more
light, and less yellow behind where the switches stick up keeping that
part more in the shadows.

Julian Schmidt sent me a link to people who have gotten rid of the
yellow/brown plastic aging color on their Amiga computers, and also
whitened up yellowing piano keys.  It uses a combination of hydrogen
peroxide, some kind of "Oxy" based cleaner, and either a UV light or
sunlight.  Since I have 2 out of 3 of those items, I just need to get
some peroxide, and I'm going to see if it will work for the Polymoog
panel.  Julian's info along with a link to a forum that discusses the
technique is here:

Julian Schmidt writes:
>>hmmm i don't know about frontpanel text...
i just stumbled upon this "reverse yellowing of a c64 case" thread
i think they use hydrogen peroxide<<

On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 5:00 PM, Scott Juskiw <scott at tellun.com> wrote:
> My Polymoog has the same "yellow on the right side, white on the left side"
> colour scheme. I checked mine against your pictures and they are identical.
> Any chance it was designed this way? I didn't buy mine new, it's been this
> way since I got it.

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