[sdiy] Can Old Yellowing Panel Text Be Whitened?

Scott Juskiw scott at tellun.com
Tue Nov 4 23:00:21 CET 2008

My Polymoog has the same "yellow on the right side, white on the left  
side" colour scheme. I checked mine against your pictures and they are  
identical. Any chance it was designed this way? I didn't buy mine new,  
it's been this way since I got it.

On 4-Nov-08, at 12:05 AM, Ken Elhardt wrote:

> Just in case there is some unknown substance known to me, I'm
> wondering if there is something that can be applied to yellowing text
> and graphics on panels like those of a Polymoog to make them white
> again?  For some reason the left hand side of my Polymoog is white,
> while the right hand side has yellowed, and that's the side I cut the
> resonator section from, and I would like to whiten it up if there
> something that can do it without ruining the black.
> Thanks,
> -Elhardt

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