[sdiy] A transformer question.

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You probably lost a phase in your locality - I've seen our lights so dim
they can just be seen as a dim glow :-o (a 'perk' of rural life).
UK domestic mains will probably continue to be nominally 240v as the
generators are the same, the UK distribution 'SuperGrid' continues to
run at 400kV and the substations haven't changed.
If a transformer is rated for 240v then it will be fine on 220v, just a
little low on secondary voltage, about 9% low; but be warned - if it is
rated for 220v it could start going into magnetic saturation and
overheat on 240v.
Gear used to have transformers with multiple primary tappings such that
220 to 250 could be handled properly, some gave settings for 100 to 130v
as well!

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> It is very definitely 240V as it has always been. Get a meter on it !

I've got a picture of my voltmeter on my mains a few years back - for
about an hour, I had 176V (I took the picture in case I needed to
complain to the power company as my UPSses were complaining about it,
and my lights were dim).

Luckily it was restored...
Jason Tribbeck

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