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I use a .1uF / 50V axial lead ceramic (X7R) on every IC power pin
to ground. Thats two per standard op-amp.

Think my twin-brother-separated-at-birth (Jim Patchell) uses the same

MORE of the game is proper power supply routing on the PCB.  I layout
the power bus before ANY other components go on the board.

 "If it needs to be stronger, we make it bigger. If that makes it
ugly, we chrome it."
-- Harley-Davidson engineer, speaking anonymously during
discussion of structural engineering and materials science.

H^) harry  (director of overkill engineering :^)

On Sat, 01 Nov 2008 20:45:22 -0700, David G. Dixon wrote
> Paul,
> Perhaps you can enlighten us, then, on the delicate art of seasoning 
> pcbs with bypass caps...?  Please, help us to parse our power-rail punctuation!
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> Bypass caps are like commas in writing, or salt in cooking.
> Some people sprinkle them in at random, hoping it will help somehow.
> Others, who understand their function, know exactly when and where 
> they are needed. Incidentally, while it is true that the bypass caps 
> might not appear to make much difference at audio frequencies -
>  sometimes if you leave them out, you will find RF oscillations! 
> Unsurprising, with transistors having 200Mhz cutoffs.
> Is decoupling and bypassing a black art? Yes, if you do it in the dark.
> paul perry Melbourne Australia
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