[sdiy] Orbital Powered Sander Behavior?

Ken Elhardt ken.elhardt at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 08:22:47 CET 2008

Since part of synth DIY involves building cases and using mechanical
tools, maybe I can ask this here.  Since my old 1/3 sheet sander
crapped out, I went out and bought two new powered sanders because
they're rather inexpensive at Walmart, both Black & Decker models.
One of them is called a random orbital sander.  I wanted to try that
type because I assumed when I turned the thing on, the sander wheel
would start spinning at thousands of RPM and sand the hell out of
stuff.  But instead, it seems to do most of its sanding by a fast
vibrating and slow spinning motion.  The spinning mostly only happens
when the thing is placed on a surface to sand.  I'm trying to figure
out if this is normal behavior or if mine is defective as I have
nothing to compare it to.  Anybody know?  I don't see much of an
advantage over the 1/4" sheet finishing sander I bought.  Thanks of
any info.


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