[sdiy] Mixers?

mark verbos mverbos at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 3 04:04:48 CET 2008


Now this is just a guess really, but I think these days people put  
mixers on all their inputs. That kind of eliminates the need except  
in very specific situations, like the 6 oscillator patch you're  
talking about. It's simple enough to whip one up if you need one. In  
fact, I have a cloned Buchla matrix mixer PCB all built up sitting  
here. It would only need a panel and pots to be rocking, if you're  
looking for one.


On Nov 2, 2008, at 9:35 PM, Tom Arnold wrote:

> I'm just curious...
> There only seem to be a tiny handful of Mixers for modulars out  
> there, in
> fact I can only find the Blacet ones or SynthTech.
> What *do* people use for mixers when you want to slam say 6 VCO's  
> through a
> single VCA?  Just surprised me that more options arnt out there, or  
> maybe
> I've missed them?
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