[sdiy] Fizmo sysex documentation

Ben Lincoln blincoln at eventualdecline.com
Sun Nov 2 15:54:02 CET 2008

Hi David.

I haven't gotten around to buying a Fizmo, but looking in my old copy of 
Sound Diver it's using the same DLL as the MR/ZR series, and the help 
file for it implies that it's more or less the same architecture. Have 
you tried starting with the sysex docs for those?

http://www.fumph.com/?page_id=4 has them, for example.

- Ben

David Cornutt wrote:
> I'm looking for anyone who might have some documentation on the sysex
> (or NRPN) strings that edit parameters on the Ensoniq Fizmo, 
> particularly the
> parameters that aren't accessible from the panel (e.g., the additional 
> envelope
> segments, and the effects parmeters).  I've asked on the Yahoo Fizmo 
> group;
> the only suggestion I got was to get a copy of the OSX public beta of 
> Sounddiver
> and then use a MIDI monitor to spy on it.  But the beta requires an 
> old Logic
> dongle, which I don't have because I've never owned Logic (and the new
> version doesn't use it anymore), and I see some comments stating that 
> newer
> versions of OSX don't support the dongle.  Before I get even deeper 
> into the
> soup, trying to buy an old copy of Logic and then trying to figure out 
> something
> I can hack up to make the dongle work, I thought I'd ask: doesn't anyone
> have any info on those sysex strings?

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