[sdiy] PCB layout question

Ian Fritz ijfritz at comcast.net
Sun Nov 2 13:25:05 CET 2008

At 12:53 AM 11/2/2008, Paul Schreiber wrote:
>>Afraid you have the wrong Paul here!
>>It's Paul S who has the the degree and
>>- more importantly - 40 years or so of experience.
>Well, more like 35 years but so does Mr. Fritz :)

Most of what I know I learned from ELECTRONOTES.  I didn't take any 
electronics in school.  It's all black magic to me!

I've always been light on bypass caps.  But I have never been able to solve 
any problem by adding more bypass.  Mainly problems seem to come from 
capacitive coupling and sometimes ground loops.  In a VCO I like to run 
separate PS lines to the low-level and switching sections, decoupling the 
two sets with beads or RC networks at where the power enters the 
board.  Sometimes ground planes seem to make thing easier -- I guess that's 
a kind of bypassing, isn't it?  :-)


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